About Us
S.I.R. Marketing Communications, Inc. is a Public Relations Agency offering unparalleled expertise in the photographic, high tech, consumer electronics and digital imaging fields. Providing our clients with the big agency experience and small agency attention, S.I.R. Marketing Communications also utilizes a common sense approach to building cost-effective programs to fit almost any budget.

The Agency was founded in 1998 by Steven I. Rosenbaum. This veteran photographer, journalist and Public Relations executive with 20+ years experience also established the Agency's philosophy to embrace technology for both internal as well as client-related activities.

To this day, this founding high tech principle remains a cornerstone for the Agency's operations. As a result, our clients recognize that we encourage high tech solutions where they are appropriate; however, they also know that we have the wisdom and experience to recommend time-tested, low-tech methods for specific projects, where and when they make the most sense.

About Us